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Mar 25

Metadata Tag Refiners not displaying in SharePoint 2013 Search Results

While working with a colleague on some search issues in office 365, we noticed something that seems to be a marked departure from SharePoint 2010 and the behaviours around documents tagged with Managed Metadata. In SharePoint 2010, the default search experience was to display a Tags or Keywords refiner in the refinement panel whenever a …

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Feb 01

SUGUK London Session & Slides on SharePoint Search Fine Tuning

Thanks to everyone that stayed around after Dan Holmes’ most excellent Governance session last night to hear me prattle on about tuning your search environment. Just a note about Dan’s session first, I don’t really come from the ‘Business’ side of SharePoint as I’m from a mainly techy background. As a result, I sometimes find …

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Dec 09

SharePoint Saturday UK 2012–Roundup

With the appearance of December on the calendars, also saw the return of SharePoint Saturday UK for another year. As professionally run as always, the Id-Live/Lightning Tools team and their sponsors did a smashing job of organising and running the event. For me it was extra special as it was my first time presenting at …

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Dec 01

Automagic Managed Properties in SharePoint 2013 search.

The ability to map crawled properties to Managed Properties in SharePoint search has been around for a long time, This enabled you to take those custom fields you created in your content types, and make use of them in your search results XSLT rendering.The big change in SharePoint 2013 is that this can happen automatically …

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Sep 19

Taming the Noderunner process in SharePoint 2013 search.

An MS employee posted an update regarding the Noderunner search process in SharePoint 2013 and the current issues it has regarding leaving memory. http://blogs.technet.com/b/mpriem/archive/2012/09/05/sharepoint-2013-preview-hungry-search-service.aspx The technique of limiting the Noderunner.exe.config file with a setting in the memoryLimitMegabytes works really well.. Too well in fact if you’re trying to reconfigure your search topology in PowerShell. When …

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Sep 05

I love the look of in-place searching in SP2013

DISCLAIMER: This post is based on the Beta version of SP2013 and all information is subject to change One of the first things that you may notice in SharePoint 2013 is that search is EVERYWHERE! Nowhere is this more obvious than when you click into a document library to see the new style drag & …

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Sep 03

SharePoint Saturday UK 2012

The latest edition of SharePoint Saturday UK will be coming to Nottingham on December 8th 2012 thanks to the chaps at Lightning Tools and Intelligent Decisioning. This is the only major Free conference in the UK that covers SharePoint and attracts a host of speakers and professionals to cover the many diverse topics surrounding SharePoint. …

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Aug 03

Nickname search in SharePoint 2013

NOTE: This info applies to the SharePoint Standard 2013 BETA and as such is subject to change between now and RTM! Do not rely on this information as being gospel until confirmed at release! After posting my Nickname post this morning, I wondered what was happening with this in SharePoint 2013. As I just so …

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Aug 03

“I am known by many names, Mr Quatermain” – Nickname Search

When SharePoint 2010 first released, there was a lot of excitement about the ability to perform Phonetic and Nickname searches. One of the most common English names in the UK is Michael, which obviously has many variants and nicknames associated with it. Luckily with People search in SharePoint, searching by variant isn’t an issue… or …

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