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May 16

SharePoint Virtual Summit wrap-up

SharePoint Virtual Summit – May 16th 2017 Microsoft may have started a trend with last years May the Fourth SharePoint event where they released the SharePoint Framework, following it up with the SharePoint Virtual Summit today. Adding to some of the announcements that were made at Build last week SharePoint, OneDrive and yes even Yammer …

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May 16

Shell access to SharePoint.

One of the things that has always annoyed me in SharePoint 2010 is the security in PowerShell when trying to work with SharePoint objects. There I am, logged into my freshly created development box, drop into PowerShell and can’t access anything, despite running as administrator. The missing ingredients, yes Database permissions, so duly into SQL, …

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Jan 29

List Item Attachments – Handling the uploads manually.

Uploading files into SharePoint from code is not an onerous task. The hard part comes from creating the items and metadata around the file that you wish to upload. One area that is really easy to work with is List item Attachments. If you examine the SPListItem class, you’ll find mention of an SPAttachmentsCollection available …

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Sep 30

A question of authorisation..

I’m writing some custom application pages that run from the _Layouts directory. They’re triggered by items on the Edit Control Block menu.. (See the previous post from the other day on this option..) One of the things that has really come up with this is the question of authorisation, and confirming that the user does …

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Jul 23

Web Services – The new god!

I’ve shied away from psoting during the last few weeks. The main reason is that I just haven’t progressed with the LDAP issues that beset me a couple of weeks back. We’ve tried lots of port redirection and the like, but in the end we just can’t seem to force the remote workers laptops to …

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Jul 06

Remote working – Security nightmare….

Well one of the things that cropped up during the review of the product is that staff want to be able to work from home.. Guess what, this wans’t in the original spec which stated that the application should be secure and only allow certain users access to certain functions. We also decided to hire ot …

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May 22

VBA, Excel, SQL, LDAP and the like..

Well, it’s been a very busy week or so, I’ve really been burying my head into the Excel code thats going to form the backend of our application. Due to the nature of the data and the demands of the users, I have certain restrictions on the reference numbers that we’re using to track the …

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Mar 15

Configuring Central Administration to use SSL

During the installation process, there isn’t an option to select SSL for your Central administration pages. I would however advocate that even if you’re main SharePoint site isn’t going to use SSL, then your Admin pages should. There’s a very good Microsoft article on this subject and this can be found here. The basic process …

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