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SharePoint Saturday Stockholm – Session Slides

After a little bit of fun with SlideShare, my slides from SharePoint Saturday Stockholm are now available. I’ve added one slide in response to some feedback, that just points out the differences between Search and JavaScript display templates and highlights how each is created. I’ll be amending the demos the next time I do this …

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SharePoint Saturday Stockholm Wrap-up

SharePoint Saturday Stockholm Rocked! So for those of you that have known me a while, you’ll know that I only joined the speaking circuit a little over 2 years ago. Since that time I’ve presented at a couple of SharePoint Saturdays in the UK, quite a few User Group sessions and also at the SharePoint …

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Useful Technique – Gooey SharePoint Scripting

Automating the SharePoint GUI using Scripting. My colleague Alex and I have been working on the same client project during the last 6 months and we recently hit an issue that required us to republish 150 content types in the content type hub. Due to an issue with the PowerShell publish commands not working previously, …

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Just one week until the SharePoint Evolution Conference!

SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013 Next week sees the SharePoint Evolution Conference returning to London for 2013 and as I’ve posted before, I’m speaking this time round! As a newbie to conference speaking I’ll admit to being a little nervous as this is my first proper conference session. Even though I’ve done some large user group …

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Usergroup Sessions

After a long period of self doubt and a lot of persuasion from other speakers on the SUGUK circuit, I’ve booked my first SUGUK Speaker sessions! I’ll be talking about using Search to answer some basic issues with regards to Cross-Site navigation, data aggregation, collaboration and People Search from an intranet perspective in a session …

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Why put undo right next to save?

Ok, something that seriously hacks me off about the new UX design to Office 2010 applications is the layout of the Quick Access bar. Why on earth would you put the UNDO button, right next to the SAVE? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve hit undo by mistake, then had to check …

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Apologies for the downtime..

My hosting provider had a major failure over the Bank Holiday period and as a result my server suffered a lot of downtime. (Refund perhaps?… Bob Hope springs to mind…) Paul.

Mythbusting–Using RBS to exceed the 200Gb Content DB Limit

Mike Hacker of Microsoft US has posted an interesting blog post debunking the myth that you can use RBS to beat the 200GB content database size limit. It’s certainly worth a quick read!

Quick Tip of the Day!

I caught this quick tip on Twitter just now, I missed who it was that tweeted, but it’s a great tip and worth keeping in memory! So, If you need to add a web part quickly to a page and like the old 2007 style browser, tack ?ToolPaneView=2 onto the end of the URL to …

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Part 4–SharePoint Retreat–TDD and Unit Testing, the methodology used cont..

The other parts of this series can be found here… SPRetreat TDD – a retrospective (See what I did there? -) Part 1 — SharePoint Retreat–TDD and Unit Testing, the methodology used Part 2 — SharePoint Retreat–TDD and Unit Testing, the methodology used cont.. Part 3 -– SharePoint Retreat-TDD and Unit Testing, the methodology used …

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