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Jun 13

The problem of storing App credentials in Azure Runbooks

The problem of storing App Credentials in Azure Runbooks Back when SharePoint on-premises was all the rage, there was always a need to provide a way of automating script actions for a number of reasons. Invariably this would mean that an automation server would be configured running Windows Scheduled tasks out of hours to access …

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Mar 01

Configuring your tenant Conditional Access for Site Sensitivity Labels in Office 365

In my post yesterday about the public preview of Site Sensitivity Labels in office 365, I said I’d do another post about how these work and what’s required to get these working in your tenant. This is kind of important as the current documentation does NOT tell you what to configure in Conditional Access to …

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Jan 09

Back to work with a bang and great news that I’ll be in Vegas in May @ SPC20

For those of you that are connected to me socially or read my previous blog post about disruptive technology in Helsinki, you’ll know that 2019 ended on a bit of a health downer. While travelling to attend and speak at SharePoint Saturday in Helsinki (one of the most awesome cool cities I’ve visited), I had …

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Dec 02

The time a disruptive technology saved my life in Helsinki

Jussi Mori and Paul Hunt - Helsinki Cathedral

The tail end of 2019 was due to be a busy time of year for me, conference silly season was in full effect and even though I wasn’t speaking at Microsoft Ignite, I still had a number of SharePoint and Office 365 Saturday events (Zurich, Helsinki, Brussels, Leicester) and other conferences (O365 Connect and Thrive) …

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Mar 08

Passing a Param object to a SharePoint PowerApp list form and why it doesn’t work.

I spent a lot of my time with SharePoint classic, building small business apps using JSLink and JavaScript embedded in the pages. Nothing really fancy, just things like pre-populating fields for Parent/Child relationship lists and things like that. As I was thinking about writing a conference session on updating old solutions into the modern world, …

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Jan 13

Injecting text using Custom column formats in SharePoint Online

As I said in my post yesterday, I’ve not played with column formats much since they first came out. I liked what you could do and could see where Microsoft were going, but at the time they lacked the power of JSLink display templates and I just didn’t really have anything that I couldn’t do …

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Jan 12

Using Excel style expressions in SharePoint Custom Column Formatters

Those that have read articles on my blog in the past know that I’ve been a massive evangelist for the use of JSLink for list and library customisations in the past. Judging by the traffic we still see to the SPCSR Display Templates GitHub Repo, JSLink still remains a perfectly valid way to create custom …

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Jul 01

SPSNL wrap-up and my Fourth (Third) MVP award received.

For the first couple of years, January the 1st was always a nervous day despite generally nursing a hangover. There would be some frantic monitoring of the mail box (including the junk mail) until the notification popped up from the MVP Global Administrator congratulating you on being re-awarded for another year. Then in 2017, Microsoft …

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Mar 17

Examining the MoveTo functionality in OneDrive and SharePoint

In an earlier blog post, I took a closer look at the CopyTo function that has been available in the Modern OneDrive and SharePoint experience for some time now. Whilst this was a definite improvement on the previous CopyTo functionality available in SharePoint, it was still a few steps short of what would be needed …

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Jan 28

Examining the CopyTo function in SharePoint Online

In a recent blog post on the TechCommunity site (You can read it here), Chris McNulty highlighted the improvements coming to the CopyTo and MoveTo functionality that currently exists in Document libraries  SharePoint Online. This new functionality should start dropping into targeted release tenants around the date of this post so i decided to just …

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