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Well that was a nice break!!

Well, almost, the fact is I’ve been working all the hours that some divine being of any denomination can send to get the pilot out on time. And it’s there, the users are getting stuck in and the feedback so far is that they like it. There’s been a couple of silly bugs, most of …

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And the beat goes on… and on….

More of the same this week. The deadline for UAT has slipped slightly on this project, in the main because of trying to get a purchasing decision signed off on some third party utilities that we wish to use in the front end development. We’re looking at using CorasWorks SharePoint feature set for MOSS 2007 …

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Excel Custom Properties Refresh – an untidy solution..

Well I’ve had some time to spend on this little conundrum and think I’ve found a solution. It’s not the tidiest and I’d welcome any suggestions of other methods to do this. Basically the problem is that the SharePoint web based dialogue appears before the Custom Properties are re-freshed in Excel 2003. There doesn’t appear …

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