I originally set this blog up as a personal project, Somewhere to vent a little, Rant about what I wasn’t happy about and talk about the trials and tribulations I had as I grew with SharePoint from 2003, through the Beta and onwards to vNext.

I wasn’t so sure I wanted people to know who I was, so I originally wrote everything under the name Reginald and kept the blog quietly to myself for sometime.

As I’ve grown in SharePoint skills however and become a little more well known in the community (hopefully for the right reasons!!) having been linking my blog onto the SUGUK forums when answering questions for people, It made sense to write everything under the same name I use within the SUGUK forums, Twitter and everywhere else..

So, Who am I?

I’m Paul Hunt, Ex SharePoint Admin/Developer turned Architect, working for Trustmarque Solutions (part of Capita PLC). I’m officially home based, but I work all over the UK as needed. I’ve been a member of the SharePoint community in the UK since 2007 and for a good number of years now have been an active speaker on the community circuit, presenting at SharePoint Saturdays all over Europe, the Best Practices and Evolutions Conferences in London and the European Collaboration Summit across Croatia and Germany.

I’m responsible for the O365 side of the house in the combined SQL and SharePoint Saturday Cambridge event where we try to provide a total of 9 tracks of content across the Data Platform and Office 365 interest groups.

I was granted MVP status for the first time in 2016 in recognition of my community input and I’ve been re-awarded each year since. You can find me on Twitter using the handle @cimares


TopOfTheWorld Photo of Paul Hunt - MVP


    • Colin Edwards on Thu 26 Feb 15 at 6:51 pm
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    Dear Paul,

    I have just watched your YouTube video “Paul Hunt: A guide to using JSLink & Display Templates with List View Web Parts for ITPros” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAfbr_G-Q6A and wanted to thank you for uploading it.

    In the video you mention a blog you have that shows you how to point Fiddler to debug versions of javascript sp.core.debug.js to view more friendly output. Can you please point me to this blog or email me the instructions.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Colin,

      The blog post shows you how to use Fiddler to edit your display template files locally, but you can also use it to point to local copies of the debug versions too using the same method.


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