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Mar 02

Don’t believe everything you read.

I’m doing some work with Nintex workflows at the moment. For those of you that don’t know Nintex Workflow 2010, it’s built on the Windows Workflow Foundation, using the SharePoint workflow engine. As a quick workflow creation tool, it’s a vast improvement over SharePoint Deisgner 2010, but at the heart, it is using SharePoint workflows …

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Nov 24

Should I change the name?

To once a month updates? I haven’t stopped since I got back from SPC and have been dashing around between clients working on SharePoint 2007 issues. Doesn’t anyone understand I want to play with SharePoint 2010 now? Or more to the point, I need to upskill in some areas very quickly to get the most …

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Mar 04

SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool

The Microsoft SharePoint team have released a SharePoint disposal checker tool to the MSDN community. This command line tool scans individual asseblies, or entire directory structures and analyses the code for memory leaks through poor disposal. I ran it against some of my assemblies and I’m happy to say only my quick command line tools …

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Sep 30

A question of authorisation..

I’m writing some custom application pages that run from the _Layouts directory. They’re triggered by items on the Edit Control Block menu.. (See the previous post from the other day on this option..) One of the things that has really come up with this is the question of authorisation, and confirming that the user does …

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Sep 24

Adding a ContentType Specific item to the ECB (Edit Control Block)

There’s plenty of articles on the net that tell you how to add items onto the Edit Control Block for a given list type, But I found articles on Content Types to be in short supply.. So, for the benefit of Mr google bot… (Edit Control Block Entries for Custom Content Types) How do we …

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Sep 17

Integrating Search Server Express – reprised.

I’ll be one of the first to admit, Javascript is NOT my strong point.. or my favorite.. C# however is, so I amended the ASCX page to use C# throughout. 2 ASP controls for the Image and text box both of which have a click event “cmdRunSearch_Click” This calls:- protected void cmdRunSearch_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) …

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Sep 16

Integrating Search Server Express into WSS 3.0 Team Site.

Just recently we installed Search Server Express for a client on their WSS infrastructure. It’s working quite nicely having a much more granular control than the standard WSS search functions, but my main gripe is the lack of SmallSearchServer control to replace the existing WSS one. Most users would rather click into a text box …

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Aug 27

How to brand your WebPart solutions..

So you’ve written a nice web part solution, ready to release it onto your clients environment, but wait a minute! How do they know you wrote it for them? All you’ve got is those generic icons that microsoft provide you. This is the situation i found myself in recently, and realised that with my change …

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Jul 07

Upgrading Features.

I’ve been quite naughty recently and I’ve been taking the easy way out when it comes to putting code upgrades in. It’s very easy to drag the DLL from the dev environment and just drop it into either the Gac or the local Bin, without any thought to what happens if someone comes along and …

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May 29

Using the undocumented SPUtility.SendEmail method.

As with a lot of the sharePoint API, the SPUtility class and more importantly the sendEMail method lacks a decent amount of documentation on its use. After a little bit of playing around with a console session, I’ve found what seems to be the best way to use this function. (For me at least.. feel …

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