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Sep 23

The images are fixed now..

So hopefully all the past articles that are still linked to answers on MSDN and should still work! Paul.

Sep 22

Ok, not everything is dandy…

I’m having some problems grabbing the images across from my old host thanks to their over zealous security software (One of the many reasons I’m leaving them.. how hard is it to whitelist the fixed IP address of the owner of a site?) I’ll have the images sorted by Monday hopefully, please bear with me.. …

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Sep 21

Welcome to the new home of my blog!

I was having a lot of problems with my old hosting provider, so I decided to switch to TSO Hosts. I have to say the sign up process was awesomely easy, as was installing WordPress and importing in the backup of my existing site. As a result, all of my old content links still work, …

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Oct 12

New look to the blog

I realised that the old style I was using for my blog was quite unreadable under certain conditions. I’ve therefore picked up a new wordpress theme which I hope makes things a lot easier to read. I’ll be customising it slowly as I find things I’m not happy with, but in the meantime I hope …

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Sep 29

It’s the final countdown!

It’s Thursday evening and i’m approx 36 hours away from leaving to attend the Microsoft SharePoint conference in Anaheim, Los Angeles. Unfortunately I’m still in a hotel with one more day of client site work to get out the way before I can race home, finish packing and then leave for Heathrow. The client I’m …

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Sep 20

SUGUK–Cambridge Sept 20 2011

So my first trip to the East Anglian chapter of the SharePoint user group didn’t start quite as well as I’d have liked. Traffic mean’t I turned up with a minute to spare. Luckily Symon Garfield was waiting for a few more, so I was’t the last to arrive by any shakes. Coffee and tea …

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Sep 20

Top tips for the MS SharePoint Conference!

One of my SharePoint buddies @MarcyKellar has posted a great top 11 tips guide to the SharePoint Conference on her blog The SharePoint Muse. If you’re attending this, or indeed any IT conference, it’s well worth taking some time out of your day for a quick read. Read the whole article here….. Paul.

Sep 18

XML in SharePoint 101

This post is part of a series of notes that I’m putting together regarding XML within SharePoint. Intro and History of XML XML in SharePoint 101 (This post) XML in SharePoint Search Pt1 XML in SharePoint Search Pt. 2 So just where does XML feature in SharePoint? The answer to this question is EVERYWHERE! You …

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Sep 18

I’m off to Anaheim! and I’ll be live blogging too..

So with only 3 weeks to go, I got the nod to say that I could go to Anaheim and attend the biggest and best SharePoint Conference in the world! I’m really pleased about this and excited too, this conference represents the biggest meeting of SharePoint enthusiasts, IT pros, Devs, End Users and all round …

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