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May 31

Office 365 SharePoint Online Licensing Issues

Caveat Emptor – office 365 Licensing Note: This article was written at the end of May 2013. If you are reading this anytime in the future, please make note of this as Office 365 licensing and feature availability is subject to change at Microsoft’s whim. If the Service Descriptions have changed then this information may …

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Mar 02

Don’t believe everything you read.

I’m doing some work with Nintex workflows at the moment. For those of you that don’t know Nintex Workflow 2010, it’s built on the Windows Workflow Foundation, using the SharePoint workflow engine. As a quick workflow creation tool, it’s a vast improvement over SharePoint Deisgner 2010, but at the heart, it is using SharePoint workflows …

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Oct 15

Last night’s London meeting for SUGUK

So after quite a break, we had our first London meeting of the SUGUK for sometime. We were at the Mostyn Hotel, location and food kindly supplied by Steve Smith of Combined Knowledge who use this location regularly for their training courses. Unfortunately, Microsoft have decided to withdraw support for the community in the form …

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Nov 24

Should I change the name?

To once a month updates? I haven’t stopped since I got back from SPC and have been dashing around between clients working on SharePoint 2007 issues. Doesn’t anyone understand I want to play with SharePoint 2010 now? Or more to the point, I need to upskill in some areas very quickly to get the most …

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Jul 03

Welcome.. to the real world..

Excuse the Matrix reference.. Couldn’t resist it.. But, sadly it is back to earth with a bump for me, The Sun, Sea and copious amounts of Sangria are over for another year and it’s a return to running the tip of my nose over corporate grinder once more. Well the first stage of user testing …

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Jun 08

It’s been a while..

Well a week or so since I found an untidy solution to the Excel properties predicament. I’ll be honest, I’ve not spent a lot of time looking at that this week as I’ve had to concentrate on the functionality of the communications between the spreadsheet cost model and the actual back-end data systems that will …

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