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SPC11–Keynote overview and a few thoughts thrown in.

I first attended a Microsoft Conference in Las Vegas 2 years ago. It was the launch of Office 14 and Steve Ballmer bounded out onto the stage to lots of whoops and hollers. That particular keynote was all about the whizz and bang that Office 14 was brining to the party. This years keynote didn’t …

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Top tips for the MS SharePoint Conference!

One of my SharePoint buddies @MarcyKellar has posted a great top 11 tips guide to the SharePoint Conference on her blog The SharePoint Muse. If you’re attending this, or indeed any IT conference, it’s well worth taking some time out of your day for a quick read. Read the whole article here….. Paul.

I’m off to Anaheim! and I’ll be live blogging too..

So with only 3 weeks to go, I got the nod to say that I could go to Anaheim and attend the biggest and best SharePoint Conference in the world! I’m really pleased about this and excited too, this conference represents the biggest meeting of SharePoint enthusiasts, IT pros, Devs, End Users and all round …

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SPRetreat TDD – a retrospective (See what I did there?)

Not quite sure why I’m up at 6 am on a Sunday morning writing a blog post, certainly the bed was warm and comfy, but my mind is still pretty buzzing from yesterdays SharePoint Retreat sponsored by 21Apps and Content and Code. What’s SharePoint Retreat? Well it’s a room full of geeks trying to improve …

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Should I change the name?

To once a month updates? I haven’t stopped since I got back from SPC and have been dashing around between clients working on SharePoint 2007 issues. Doesn’t anyone understand I want to play with SharePoint 2010 now? Or more to the point, I need to upskill in some areas very quickly to get the most …

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And, that’s a rap!

Well the MS SharePoint 2009 conference is over and life is slowly returning to normal. A couple of days away from SharePoint to restore my equilibrium and I’m now back to SharePoint 2007 and the real world. But what of SharePoint 2010? When can we see it in all it’s glory. Well Steve Ballmer announced …

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Tentative Schedule for SharePoint Conference 2009 – Las Vegas

Ok, so Microsoft finally released the full session schedule during the last 24 hours and I’ve tentatively booked the sessions that I want to go see.. And this has to be subject to change because there are so many great sessions that i want to get into. Thank god Microsoft are going to provide an …

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Eeek.. slacking again..

Yes it’s nearly a month since my last confession again… And a busy one at that… Shortly after the first videos were sent out by Microsoft, my company got accepted into the early adopters program, and also the Technical Beta!! So now, I have to squeeze in some time to start writing new articles on …

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