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To once a month updates?

I haven’t stopped since I got back from SPC and have been dashing around between clients working on SharePoint 2007 issues. Doesn’t anyone understand I want to play with SharePoint 2010 now? Or more to the point, I need to upskill in some areas very quickly to get the most of SP2010 and all the goodness it brings.

Looking at whats coming in SP2010, I honestly think the IT Pro’s have got it easy.. You guys just have to learn one new application, Us Devs have to learn at least 2, SP2010 and Visual Studio 2010!

Then on top of that, we have an updated object model to contend with, along with a brand new object model in the form of the SharePoint Client OM!

Add to this the requirements to use XSLT for almost every list view in SP2010, SPLinq (Call it SPlinq, MS hate that!!), Silverlight and a lot more Javascript than before, all adds up to a lot of skill-up time!

So here’s to spending many evenings and train journeys in front of Visual Studio, playing with Silverlight 101 and all the new Sharepoint tools that now come out of the box with VS!

I’m booked up in December as solidly as November was, so i wouldn’t expect too many posts on here just yet, although I am planning to extend the piece I wrote on KPI’s to give more ideas and hopefully present on this at a SUG do in the early new year.



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