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Mar 02

Don’t believe everything you read.

I’m doing some work with Nintex workflows at the moment. For those of you that don’t know Nintex Workflow 2010, it’s built on the Windows Workflow Foundation, using the SharePoint workflow engine. As a quick workflow creation tool, it’s a vast improvement over SharePoint Deisgner 2010, but at the heart, it is using SharePoint workflows …

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Feb 24

SPD2010 Reusable workflows with dynamic security groups through workflow lookups

Recently I worked with a client that required a central expenses process. This process was going to use a global reusable workflow process, but had to have security configured at a local level. This gave us some problems as SPD global reusable workflows don’t have any visibility of local groups during the creation phase. To …

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Jul 30

24 Hours to go..

Well I’m struggling to get everything finished that I wanted to before I leave, but here just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything. I was here until 11pm last night releasing the latest version of the Implementation workflow. Unfortunatly because we were releasing new forms, it meant stopping and restarting all 86 exising …

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May 08

Failing to display the InfoPath workflow form.

We’ve hit an unusual problem in our estate with the SharePoint implementation. Around a month ago, a number of our users had their machines upgraded to Office 2007. Today when they tried to edit a workflow task assigned to them, the page loaded, but the browser based infopath form failed to display and IE showed …

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Apr 23

State Machine.. like pulling teeth?

Well almost, Had a minor break from the work this morning to have a cracked tooth looked at, Unfortunatley it was too badly damaged and it’s had to come out.. Well the novocain or whatever they use nowadays has well and truly worn out and yours truly is hitting the Ibuprofen hard!! So, to ease …

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Jan 16

2008 – Whats it going to bring….

Well 2007 closed down with a rush, I’m not even certain where December went it passed so quickly. On the project front, I had to rush to complete all the changes required by the project manager, and just at the end, scope creep reared it’s head again. In the end, I release only the first …

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Dec 20

Adding business hours….

Part of our workflows have some time critical tasks. In this particular instance, there is a measurable KPI of 12 business hours to respond to an event. The DateTime construct is very useful for date manipulation, but does not appear to provide an easy way to understand Business Hours. So how to go about tracking …

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Nov 08

Conundrum:- Checking item lock status

One of the problems that has reared it’s head recently is workflows dying during an update due to an item being locked. This happens from time to time when the workflow tries to update the item that it’s running on. The upshot of this is, that if I haven’t handled the error with a Try/Catch, …

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Sep 24

Well that was a nice break!!

Well, almost, the fact is I’ve been working all the hours that some divine being of any denomination can send to get the pilot out on time. And it’s there, the users are getting stuck in and the feedback so far is that they like it. There’s been a couple of silly bugs, most of …

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Apr 19

Workflow design in Visual Studio 2005

Well that was an interesting few hours this afternoon following Nick’s article on creating workflow within Visual Studio 2005 for SharePoint. I got as far as creating all the InfoPath structures, and then when I went to edit the workflow.cs in Workflow Designer, I was faced with a Class Script and Nick had a pretty …

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