Failing to display the InfoPath workflow form.

We’ve hit an unusual problem in our estate with the SharePoint implementation. Around a month ago, a number of our users had their machines upgraded to Office 2007. Today when they tried to edit a workflow task assigned to them, the page loaded, but the browser based infopath form failed to display and IE showed the Errr on Page icon in the bottom left hand corner.

When you click on the error and choose show detail, You’ll see, “Line: 1935 Char: 4 Error: Library not registered. Code: 0 URL: http://server/site/page.aspx?list=etc…”

Not the most useful of errors you’ll agree. The resolution is to run Word 2007, click on the Office Button, choose Word options, Resources and then run the Office Diagnostics. Once this has run through, restart IE and it all seems to work!



  1. Thank you, thank you for posting this, Reginald! I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to nail-down the reason for this error. It sure sounds like a com registration error occuring when Office is installed. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Office installation process would make the installation error evident?
    Well, thanks again!
    Ethan Wilansky

  2. Always a pleasure.. It took a few hours to resolve even with the aid of that magical tool Google..

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