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Feb 14

Encore en fois.. Home again..

After a very eventful weeks snowboarding, I’m back in Blighty again and once more on the SharePoint development trail. The project suffered a minor set-back as I return from holiday with a broken nose and a re-injured back from a couple of bad falls. Nothing too major, but I also picked up a chest infection …

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Aug 02

Web Services Toolkit..

I’m not going to focus long on this as the Web Service Toolkit from microsoft is awsome and very easy to use. When I get a chance, I’ll dig out the short article I followed on consuming web services from within Excel 2003. For now though, get the Web Services Toolkit for VBA from Microsoft …

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Jul 23

Web Services – The new god!

I’ve shied away from psoting during the last few weeks. The main reason is that I just haven’t progressed with the LDAP issues that beset me a couple of weeks back. We’ve tried lots of port redirection and the like, but in the end we just can’t seem to force the remote workers laptops to …

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Jun 12

And the beat goes on… and on….

More of the same this week. The deadline for UAT has slipped slightly on this project, in the main because of trying to get a purchasing decision signed off on some third party utilities that we wish to use in the front end development. We’re looking at using CorasWorks SharePoint feature set for MOSS 2007 …

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Jun 01

Excel Custom Properties Refresh – an untidy solution..

Well I’ve had some time to spend on this little conundrum and think I’ve found a solution. It’s not the tidiest and I’d welcome any suggestions of other methods to do this. Basically the problem is that the SharePoint web based dialogue appears before the Custom Properties are re-freshed in Excel 2003. There doesn’t appear …

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May 22

VBA, Excel, SQL, LDAP and the like..

Well, it’s been a very busy week or so, I’ve really been burying my head into the Excel code thats going to form the backend of our application. Due to the nature of the data and the demands of the users, I have certain restrictions on the reference numbers that we’re using to track the …

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May 14

A quiet week for the Blog..

..but not for me.. I’ve spent the last week working with Excel VBA and OLE to get a connection into our backend SQL server. Then a couple of stored procedures to generate our required indexes and voila, I almost having a working DB.. Just some tweaking to do now. For those that haven’t seen the …

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May 01

The Excel properties predicament – A resolution..

Well thanks to a fellow SUGUK member, I found the solution to passing Date values from Excel into a SharePoint document library. ‘The devil is in the detail’ as the saying goes and it’s no truer in this instance.. The trick is making sure that the date format of the text you’re passing out of …

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Apr 04

Excel 2003 properties in a Moss 2007 doc library

One of the problems that I’ve hit recently is how to pass customer properties from an Excel spreadsheet so that they become column entries in a document library. Now SharePoint allows you to pass text values quite happily as linked content, however it doesn’t like passing numbers or dates. Well, I’ve found a way round …

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