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Sep 26

Microsoft Ignite – Day 2

Wow, suffice to say that Day 2 of Ignite did not disappoint the SharePoint crowd one bit, with a whole host of announcements coming out during Jeff Tepers much awaited session this morning. As usual, the session started with a few stats that outline just how popular SharePoint and Office 365 has become. More than …

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Jan 29

Office 2013 ProPlus no longer available via the Office 365 portal

We knew this was coming, although it was announced back in September 2015 so I would imagine a lot of people have forgotten all about it, but as from 1st March 2017 your users will no longer be able to download the Office 2013 Version of software from the Office 365 portal. This message has …

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Oct 30

Infopath, Repeating tables and removing duplicates

I was recently engaged by a client to assist them with creating and managing a role based access request system for their SAP implementation. The current process that was entirely paper based, consisting of a form that was completed by the requesting user, taken around each of the role approvers, finance checks and then finally …

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Mar 10

SPC14 – Las Vegas – Wrap Up

The conference is over for another year and I must say I was really glad that I decided to go to this one. The energy and enthusiasm that was missing from SPC12 seemed to be back, and whilst we didn’t have a new version to shout about, there were plenty of announcements coming throughout the …

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Jul 18

XML data presentation in SharePoint 2010–part 1

  This post is part of a series of notes that I’m putting together regarding XML within SharePoint. Intro and History of XML XML in SharePoint 101 XML in SharePoint Search Pt. 1 (This post) XML in SharePoint Search Pt. 2   Introduction XML – eXtensible Markup Language. XSLT – eXtensible StyLe Sheet. Microsoft made …

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Mar 26

Using SharePoint hosted infopath documents as contents in a SharePoint page.

In a recent project, I was creating a contracts management portal within SharePoint. As part of the contracts request process, the sales team were able to link info path documents that represented each of the service lines that formed the contract. Each of these service line documents (InfoPath forms) formed the basic service outline and …

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Aug 05

Infopath forms with User ID’s

Well day 2 in the new office and I’m please to say I’m happy with my move. I’ve not touched a single server that doesn’t have SharePoint on it and I’ve not had to deal with any PM’s frantically chasing an update on their server builds!! What I have been involved with is a problem …

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May 08

Failing to display the InfoPath workflow form.

We’ve hit an unusual problem in our estate with the SharePoint implementation. Around a month ago, a number of our users had their machines upgraded to Office 2007. Today when they tried to edit a workflow task assigned to them, the page loaded, but the browser based infopath form failed to display and IE showed …

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Apr 23

State Machine.. like pulling teeth?

Well almost, Had a minor break from the work this morning to have a cracked tooth looked at, Unfortunatley it was too badly damaged and it’s had to come out.. Well the novocain or whatever they use nowadays has well and truly worn out and yours truly is hitting the Ibuprofen hard!! So, to ease …

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Jan 16

2008 – Whats it going to bring….

Well 2007 closed down with a rush, I’m not even certain where December went it passed so quickly. On the project front, I had to rush to complete all the changes required by the project manager, and just at the end, scope creep reared it’s head again. In the end, I release only the first …

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