State Machine.. like pulling teeth?

Well almost, Had a minor break from the work this morning to have a cracked tooth looked at, Unfortunatley it was too badly damaged and it’s had to come out.. Well the novocain or whatever they use nowadays has well and truly worn out and yours truly is hitting the Ibuprofen hard!!

So, to ease the pain, I’ve focussed on some issues around the workflow edit form today. The users want to be able to set a status on an item using a drop down menu. This is nice and easy as we’re pre-setting the values in the form, just Yes, No and Not Applicable.

All well and good, I’ve built the new area on the form and added the drop down, the value is being passed happily to the backend and the previously selected value is being placed into the ItemMetaData by the workflow.

The issue I have now, is how do we take this returned value once the workflow is underway and ensure that the user is presented with the correct value when the form loads.. The dropdown list doesn’t let you map to the ows_ItemMetaDatalable like a text box does..

I’m busy re-searching this now and have placed a few posts on some dev forums, watch this space for a resolution..


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