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Jun 06

SQL 2012 Reporting Services Gotchas with SharePoint 2010

Back in March of 2012, Liam Cleary wrote an excellent guide to installing SQL 2012 Reporting Services into a SharePoint 2010 farm in integrated mode. (You can find that post here.) I’ve recently been using that guide to produce a proof of concept for a client, to show that I would be able to install …

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Aug 03

Nickname search in SharePoint 2013

NOTE: This info applies to the SharePoint Standard 2013 BETA and as such is subject to change between now and RTM! Do not rely on this information as being gospel until confirmed at release! After posting my Nickname post this morning, I wondered what was happening with this in SharePoint 2013. As I just so …

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May 16

Shell access to SharePoint.

One of the things that has always annoyed me in SharePoint 2010 is the security in PowerShell when trying to work with SharePoint objects. There I am, logged into my freshly created development box, drop into PowerShell and can’t access anything, despite running as administrator. The missing ingredients, yes Database permissions, so duly into SQL, …

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Aug 01

Task alerts not firing in new site from Content Migration.

Whilst working with a client recently we decided to use the Content Migration system within SharePoint to allow us to create a template site that could then be used as the source for the 88 sites that needed to be created for each of the areas of interest. Each site had identical set-up with regards …

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Feb 26

SQL Reporting Services. Installing BIDS as an afterthought!

I hit a slight problem with the SQL install on the dev box today. When I first installed SQL, I included a lot of the workstation tools, but I didn’t include the tools required for designing reports in VS 2005. In addition, since I did the install, I’ve put SP2 on the server. So now, …

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Jun 08

It’s been a while..

Well a week or so since I found an untidy solution to the Excel properties predicament. I’ll be honest, I’ve not spent a lot of time looking at that this week as I’ve had to concentrate on the functionality of the communications between the spreadsheet cost model and the actual back-end data systems that will …

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May 14

A quiet week for the Blog..

..but not for me.. I’ve spent the last week working with Excel VBA and OLE to get a connection into our backend SQL server. Then a couple of stored procedures to generate our required indexes and voila, I almost having a working DB.. Just some tweaking to do now. For those that haven’t seen the …

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Mar 02

Kerberos.. The 3 headed nightmare!

10 hours!!!… Thats how long it took me to resolve a Kerberos issue. It all started with finishing the installation of MOSS 2007 and then running the SharePoint Configuration wizard. No major problems with this, I entered the SQL Server information, changed the default configuration database name and added the Service credentials. Click next, and …

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