Infopath forms with User ID’s

Well day 2 in the new office and I’m please to say I’m happy with my move. I’ve not touched a single server that doesn’t have SharePoint on it and I’ve not had to deal with any PM’s frantically chasing an update on their server builds!!

What I have been involved with is a problem using InfoPath with User ID’s from SharePoint. Greg Collin’s from the blogs wrote a guide about how to pull User ID’s into an infopath form that can then be promoted as a property to have the [Me] filter used on.

This works very nciely when the form is being opened in InfoPath, however if you browser enable the document, his method doesn’t work as the system doesn’t like the substitution of a listname for the original GUID. The Moss logs show a Forms Services Runtime error that states the GUID is in the wrong format.

I’m looking into a clean way of getting the GUID of the user list without resorting to code, and if I find it, I’ll post back here..

Edit.. Had one of those ‘That was so obvious’ moments after reading Ton Stegemans blog. You can obtain the List ID by going to People and Groups and examining the URL returned when you click on the menu options for list properties. (I want to use the word sttings but wordpress won’t let me type it! Too secure!)


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