And the beat goes on… and on….

More of the same this week. The deadline for UAT has slipped slightly on this project, in the main because of trying to get a purchasing decision signed off on some third party utilities that we wish to use in the front end development.

We’re looking at using CorasWorks SharePoint feature set for MOSS 2007 to help with the front end configuration. They have some very nifty utilities available, I’d recommend a quick look at their website to spend some time playing with their sandbox environments. CorasWorks Website

Well, user testing aside, I’m still going to disspear next week to Gran Canaria for a little lay down in the sunshine.. A well earned break methinks..

So between now and the weekend, I’ll be trying to iron out the basic bugs in the VBA side of things, and preparing a quick mock up of the MOSS site to house the Document model.

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