Conundrum:- Checking item lock status

One of the problems that has reared it’s head recently is workflows dying during an update due to an item being locked. This happens from time to time when the workflow tries to update the item that it’s running on. The upshot of this is, that if I haven’t handled the error with a Try/Catch, then the workflow halts.

Now I’ve fixed most of the ones that just killed the workflow, but the downside is, all I get is a notification and the changes aren’t made.

So the next step is to check for the lock status and then act accordingly.. I’m researching like mad right now, I picked up an item on Jan Tielens blog that has suggested using Thread sleep, but there is a performance issue in this method. I’m going to investigate queuing the changes and working on them at a later time.

Any ideas, feel free to comment..

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