New Year, New Start?? Balony!

Judging by the date, things haven’t changed much for me at the moment. Since getting back from SPC09, work has been Manic! I’m generally leaving on a Sunday night to head to the West Country, then coming home and heading to the Midlands the next day, before heading back to the West Country towards the end of the week. The end result, no downtime or train time to actually get some things written up.

For instance I attended the Nottingham region SUGUK evening a couple of weeks ago, with Sam Dolan and Penny Coventry presenting on branding with SharePoint. pointing out the pain points and some of the gotchas. One of the things that Sam pointed out is don’t let a dev do your design, Get a designer in.

Being a Dev who brands quite a lot, I actually do agree with this philosophy. if you want your ready designed marketting brand applied to your SharePoint site, then I can do that without any problems. If you want a site that’s been designed like the Ferrari site, then you need to bring a Designer in.

Overall a worthy evening with a good attendance regardless of some of the weather that mother Nature has thrown at us recently.

Workwise I’ve had some very interesting projects on recently, several of which are very blog worthy as I found it very difficult to actually find information on the net that covered exactly what i was trying to do. If I get some time over the next week or so, I’ll try to get these written up, but looking at past performance, these may wait a while.. let’s see.

Some of the techniques that I’ve touched on recently though have been fun to research, Cascading Drop Down lists without a post back to the server, Sourcing the data for these from a data table and using LINQ to select what’s required, Custom Search query and results webpart using the Keyword model. I think I need to create one big custom project and put all of these into it as a learning experience that I can draw on in 6 months time when I’ve forgotten it.

Watch this space, I won’t leave it so long this time..

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