So, why haven’t I posted in a while?

Well the main answer I guess is I’ve just been too busy. You’d think that with SharePoint 2010 now out in the wild that no-one would want to work with 2007 anymore? Well you’d be wrong, the vast majority of my recent work has been on firmly ensconced 2007 farms, but surprisingly a number of new 2007 installs too.

So, why build on 2007 when at the time, 2010 was just around the corner. The answer is experience. Clients know that SP2007 has bedded in now, It’s had two major service packs and lets face it, there are blog posts and support forums by the thousand out there for most major problems that you may come across. SP2010 on the other hand is the new kid on the block, It’s fresh faced, lively and you just known there’s going to be a dose of acne bubbling under the surface waiting to erupt. So I know a lot of clients are going to play a waiting game for SP2010 and let it settle in a bit to it’s new role.

And let’s face it, the upgrade support between 2007 and 2010 is far far better than the previous upgrade processes. Clients love the staged upgrade that can be carried out on their sites to minimise the impact to the look and feel for their users, who as we all know fear change immensely.

And on the subject of change, which has got me back onto my blog for the first time in ages, I’ve finally switched to a better blogging software, staying here on WordPress, but using an off-line editor so that I can write these posts on the move. Hopefully this will make code snippets a lot easier to bring in-line and overall, encourage me to be a bit more forthcoming..

See you all soon.


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