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Jul 16

SUGUK Cambridge round up and Internal Name Pain

I had the great pleasure of presenting to the SUGUK Cambridge chapter last night, doing my Display Templates session. I like presenting in Cambridge because the room the attendance averages around 20 people, in a small comfortable room which allows for a more conversational style of presenting. This session has evolved quite a bit over …

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Oct 04

SPC11–Keynote overview and a few thoughts thrown in.

I first attended a Microsoft Conference in Las Vegas 2 years ago. It was the launch of Office 14 and Steve Ballmer bounded out onto the stage to lots of whoops and hollers. That particular keynote was all about the whizz and bang that Office 14 was brining to the party. This years keynote didn’t …

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Apr 17

Well it was a Thursday afterall!!

Ok, yesterday was not my best day.. There’s a reason that I switched from ITPro to Dev.. Dev’s shouldn’t do installations as they forget the important logging in as the Site Collection Admin into Central Administration, and not the Farm Admin.. Logged in properly this morning and hey presto, there’s my create or extend …

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Jul 22

Two glasses of wine & a jar of Mayonnaise..

I receive an awful lot of viral emails on a daily basis, mostly from friends and colleagues seeking to brighten my day. Invariably, I have a read, a little chuckle, then delete without sending them on.. But given the amount of hours that I’m doing recently, and the penchant in the IT industry for long …

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Oct 23


As a quick break from the workflow, I was directed to take a look on YouTube to listen to “TheFlight of the Conchord”. These guys are hilarious, the songs are witty and if you have a sense of humour like mine, You’ll love em.. There best song is a take on the Rap genre.. Flight …

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