I’m off to Anaheim! and I’ll be live blogging too..

So with only 3 weeks to go, I got the nod to say that I could go to Anaheim and attend the biggest and best SharePoint Conference in the world!

I’m really pleased about this and excited too, this conference represents the biggest meeting of SharePoint enthusiasts, IT pros, Devs, End Users and all round geeks that LA and the world has ever seen. I had the great fortune to attend SPC09 shortly before the 2010 version was released, and as my first and only MS Conference I have to say it was an awesome experience. Some of the people I met at that conference have become great friends and colleagues across the miles that separate us and I know that when we meet up at SharePint in the ESPN Zone in Anaheim, it’ll be like it was only yesterday when we shook hands/hugged/kissed whatever and parted.

The value the conference brings isn’t only measurable as a return on investment, The contacts and friends that I’ve med have over the years helped me out when I’ve been in sticky SharePoint situations, a quiet tweet here, a facebook post there and I’ve been helped and hopefully helped others through the social network that we’ve created and grown from that Conference.

This year will be no different I’m sure, an opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as make some new ones and to help with bringing information from SPC22 to the masses, I’ve agreed to live blog onto the SharePoint EduTech blog site as well! So you can catch my posts on here or there. Many thanks to Dave Coleman for having me on-board!

You can read the EduTech blog here:- www.sharepointedutech.com

Remember to catch all the latest gossip on twitter, #SPC11, #SharePint are probably the best tags to monitor at the moment.. I’ll post more as they appear!



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