Welcome.. to the real world..

Excuse the Matrix reference.. Couldn’t resist it..

But, sadly it is back to earth with a bump for me, The Sun, Sea and copious amounts of Sangria are over for another year and it’s a return to running the tip of my nose over corporate grinder once more.

Well the first stage of user testing has come back, and only a small amount of bugs found in the first raft of code. Most of these are due to the way the users work, rather than inherent design issues, but it’s something I’m going to need to keep in mind as this role expands. (We have some weird users..)

Whats most annoying is the raft of new features that get raised during the Bug testing.. Suddenly the program needs to do this.. does it do this? can we try this this way..? What happened to the program requirement documents, Why didn’t they ask these questions then?.. Don’t worry, thats Rhetorical, I know the answers, they just didn’t consider it possible at the time..

And thats half the problem when it comes to the Software design process, As a developer, we know what the software can and cannot do.. As a user, they often don’t consider what it can and cannot do… Getting the two to marry can be an interesting process I guess..

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