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Oct 27

And, that’s a rap!

Well the MS SharePoint 2009 conference is over and life is slowly returning to normal. A couple of days away from SharePoint to restore my equilibrium and I’m now back to SharePoint 2007 and the real world. But what of SharePoint 2010? When can we see it in all it’s glory. Well Steve Ballmer announced …

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Oct 13

Tentative Schedule for SharePoint Conference 2009 – Las Vegas

Ok, so Microsoft finally released the full session schedule during the last 24 hours and I’ve tentatively booked the sessions that I want to go see.. And this has to be subject to change because there are so many great sessions that i want to get into. Thank god Microsoft are going to provide an …

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Oct 06

Whats the record for the longest Calculated SharePoint column?

Well my longest to date is 304 characters.. I’m not quite sure what the SharePoint limit is, but here’s mine… =IF(LEN(MONTH(Dated)/3)=1,TEXT(Dated,”mmm-yy”),IF(LEN((MONTH(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+1,DAY(Dated))))/3)=1,TEXT(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+1,DAY(Dated)),”mmm-yy”),IF(LEN((MONTH(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+2,DAY(Dated))))/3)=1,TEXT(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+2,DAY(Dated)),”mmm-yy”),”ERR”))) “And what pray, does that monstrosity do”, I hear you ask… The answer is, it simply works out which quarter of the companies financial year the item appears in. The list item has a …

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Oct 05

Weekly Access problems to a SharePoint site

Just recently a client of mine raised an issue regarding an access issue that seemed to raise it’s head about every 8 days or so. What struck me was the distinct lack of errors issues by the system. Approximately every 8 days, users will go to use the site and get a failed to connect …

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Aug 10

Eeek.. slacking again..

Yes it’s nearly a month since my last confession again… And a busy one at that… Shortly after the first videos were sent out by Microsoft, my company got accepted into the early adopters program, and also the Technical Beta!! So now, I have to squeeze in some time to start writing new articles on …

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Jun 26

Event handlers from code – redux!

Ok, well I think I’ve worked out why the GUId isn’t getting defined. The code I’ve written creates an EventHandler on the base content type. When this content type gets assigned to a library, the content type is instanced to the library and as a result I think the GUID i assign is removed. I …

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Apr 14

Using JQuery to remove Linked List Items hyperlinks.

A client of mine recently raised a concern about the linked list items that are used within SharePoint. In the display list view, they show up as hyperlinks to the linked item. All well and good, you can click on these links to see the full item, however there is no easy way to return …

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Mar 04

SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool

The Microsoft SharePoint team have released a SharePoint disposal checker tool to the MSDN community. This command line tool scans individual asseblies, or entire directory structures and analyses the code for memory leaks through poor disposal. I ran it against some of my assemblies and I’m happy to say only my quick command line tools …

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Mar 03

List view Web parts… No folder breadcrumb

One thing that has always confounded me is the lack of a breadcrumb in List View WebParts. Picture the scenario, You drag a Document library list view onto your web part page. fine no problems there. You click on the first folder, down one level, then another, Then perhaps one more.. Hang on, I thought …

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Jan 19

Holy rusted metal batman, Is that the date?

Okies, We’re into Mid January and I haven’t managed to get a post up since Christmas.. Life is busy..what can I say.. At the moment, I’m working with Site Column and Content type definitions in CAML.. well worth a post as the documentation availability is just awsome!! (TIC) In addition, I’ve finished off the document …

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