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Jul 18

XML data presentation in SharePoint 2010–part 1

  This post is part of a series of notes that I’m putting together regarding XML within SharePoint. Intro and History of XML XML in SharePoint 101 XML in SharePoint Search Pt. 1 (This post) XML in SharePoint Search Pt. 2   Introduction XML – eXtensible Markup Language. XSLT – eXtensible StyLe Sheet. Microsoft made …

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May 25

SPWeb.AssociatedMemberGroup returning incorrect information.

Just recently, I’ve been working on a solution for a client that wanted to create a meetings portal for a very formal meeting process. The basic breakdown of the site is as follows, A top level Site Collection housing This site was created with the default groups of Meetings Visitors, Members and Owners. Then …

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Mar 06

SPRetreat TDD – a retrospective (See what I did there?)

Not quite sure why I’m up at 6 am on a Sunday morning writing a blog post, certainly the bed was warm and comfy, but my mind is still pretty buzzing from yesterdays SharePoint Retreat sponsored by 21Apps and Content and Code. What’s SharePoint Retreat? Well it’s a room full of geeks trying to improve …

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Dec 30

End of the year already?

Wow.. Christmas really came and went.. My last post was back in november when I had just returned from Gran Canaria after a nice relaxing week in the sun. After that short interlude, I had my first speaking engagement at a company seminar in front of 100 delegates. I was incredibly nervous and got a …

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Nov 08

Exam result and a nice holiday.

So I took my exam 70-573 a week or so ago and happily can reveal that I passed with 790. Not quite as high as I hoped, but there were a couple of curve ball questions in there. As I tweeted, Wes Hacketts’ exam guide was of great help as it listed the resources that …

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Oct 26

Studying hard for 70-573 this week..

I’m taking the first of the SharePoint 2010 dev exams on Thursday of this week. I’ve been a little slow of the mark with the study for these as I’ve not really had the opportunity to do much SharePoint 2010 development work just yet. Luckily, it looks like my SP2007 skills won’t let me down …

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Oct 15

Last night’s London meeting for SUGUK

So after quite a break, we had our first London meeting of the SUGUK for sometime. We were at the Mostyn Hotel, location and food kindly supplied by Steve Smith of Combined Knowledge who use this location regularly for their training courses. Unfortunately, Microsoft have decided to withdraw support for the community in the form …

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Jul 29

Weird CQWP behaviour with custom user columns

So one of my colleagues approached me today with a problem he was having setting up a new content query web part for a client. it’s a fairly simple affair that just needs to pull together project statuses across a site collection. No cross site query issues, no custom field types to worry about.. Just …

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Jul 29

So, why haven’t I posted in a while?

Well the main answer I guess is I’ve just been too busy. You’d think that with SharePoint 2010 now out in the wild that no-one would want to work with 2007 anymore? Well you’d be wrong, the vast majority of my recent work has been on firmly ensconced 2007 farms, but surprisingly a number of …

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Nov 24

Should I change the name?

To once a month updates? I haven’t stopped since I got back from SPC and have been dashing around between clients working on SharePoint 2007 issues. Doesn’t anyone understand I want to play with SharePoint 2010 now? Or more to the point, I need to upskill in some areas very quickly to get the most …

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