Category: Calculated Fields

Whats the record for the longest Calculated SharePoint column?

Well my longest to date is 304 characters.. I’m not quite sure what the SharePoint limit is, but here’s mine… =IF(LEN(MONTH(Dated)/3)=1,TEXT(Dated,”mmm-yy”),IF(LEN((MONTH(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+1,DAY(Dated))))/3)=1,TEXT(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+1,DAY(Dated)),”mmm-yy”),IF(LEN((MONTH(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+2,DAY(Dated))))/3)=1,TEXT(DATE(YEAR(Dated),MONTH(Dated)+2,DAY(Dated)),”mmm-yy”),”ERR”))) “And what pray, does that monstrosity do”, I hear you ask… The answer is, it simply works out which quarter of the companies financial year the item appears in. The list item has a …

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