Useful Technique – Gooey SharePoint Scripting

Automating the SharePoint GUI using Scripting.

My colleague Alex and I have been working on the same client project during the last 6 months and we recently hit an issue that required us to republish 150 content types in the content type hub.

Due to an issue with the PowerShell publish commands not working previously, the client had requested that we publish all of them manually through the GUI!!!!

With Alex being a bit of a PowerShell geek, he decided to adapt a method he’d seen somewhere to do this using the GUI, but by driving it from PowerShell. His blog post Gooey SharePoint Scripting takes you through the process and explains how he saved us from RSI!

Well worth a 5 minute read so you understand the concepts, You never know when this could be useful to you. I’ll be adapting this method and posting here soon on how to generate Search/Analytics data for demos.


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