Just one week until the SharePoint Evolution Conference!

SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013

speaker_web_bannerNext week sees the SharePoint Evolution Conference returning to London for 2013 and as I’ve posted before, I’m speaking this time round!

As a newbie to conference speaking I’ll admit to being a little nervous as this is my first proper conference session. Even though I’ve done some large user group sessions, people haven’t been paying to see me and the rooms haven’t been quite this big, But I’m really looking forward to it, my demo’s are prepped and rehearsed, my slides are polished and rehearsed, and I even have some contingency in case the demo gods aren’t smiling on me next Tuesday!

If you’re a blog reader, please do come and say hi at the end of my session on Tuesday afternoon (IW411 – Migrating Content BY Search from 2010 to 2013) where I’ll be looking at how we built news article roll-ups in 2010 using search, and how we migrate and build the same from scratch in SharePoint 2013.


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