SharePoint Saturday Stockholm Wrap-up

SharePoint Saturday Stockholm Rocked!

So for those of you that have known me a while, you’ll know that I only joined the speaking circuit a little over 2 years ago. Since that time I’ve presented at a couple of SharePoint Saturdays in the UK, quite a few User Group sessions and also at the SharePoint Evolutions conference in 2013.

This weekend just gone saw my first international speaking engagement at the inaugural SharePoint Saturday Stockholm at the very well appointed World Trade Centre in central Stockholm. The event was exceptionally well organised and I really have to thank Matthias Einig, Erwin van Hunen and Hannah Swain for the sterling job they did and the service they have given the community with this event.16-The exhibit hall

The sessions were all well attended, the exhibition area was well laid out and the catering from the venue was excellent. From a speaker point of view, we were very well looked after with a nice size speaker room and a very wonderful Speaker Dinner at the Kaknastornet overlooking Stockholm on the Friday night.

2-Kaknastornet by night

The stats from the event looked great, with 210 registrations and 78 on the waiting list (So a shame that we had 27 no-shows!). Overall the event was just an awesome experience and I really look forward to returning to Stockholm sometime soon.


A question regarding the name List View Display Templates

I did get challenged regarding my use of the phrase Display Templates with regards to JSLink and List Views, with the supposition that Display Templates were HTML based and only used with Search. I’m afraid I disagree with this view point and I believe the configuration on the MasterPage gallery backs me up.

Firstly, the HTML Display Templates are specifically written for Search and the Master Page gallery has 4 specific content types that deals with these.


These 4 content types deal specifically with the area of the Search WebParts that can be overridden using display templates. Control, Group, Item and Filter. Each of these is written as HTML and then processed by an event handler on the MasterPage gallery to create the matching JavaScript file.

If you select any of these content types, the properties form changes appropriately to include the relevant settings to configure the Display Template for use in Search. For me, the proper term for these would be “Search Display Templates”, rather than the more loosley named Display Templates that everyone uses.

My reason for this is down to the fifth Display Template content type that can be found in the MasterPage Gallery. This is the “JavaScript Display Template” which when selected presents properties in the form that ONLY apply to List View based web parts such as the Target Control Type of List, View or Form and the Target List Template ID.



I’m quite comfortable that I’m calling the templates used by JSLink by their correct name, however I’m going to add an extra slide to my Display Templates session that just points out the differences between Search Display Templates and List View Display Templates.


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