SharePoint 2013 List View Web Part Display Templates for Debugging

With the launch of #SPCSR and inspired by the ultimate search debug template by @Eliostuyf, I decided to bring one of my old display templates for debugging a little more up to date and include some nice SharePoint 2013 styling for a common look and feel.

I’ve created two versions of the templates, Debug and DebugBrief. The first one shows a small amount of list information first, displaying things such as the list name, the list ID and the WPQ id, Immediately below this is the first list item on the page (and ONLY the first one!) with all of the available field names and their values displayed in table format.SNAGHTML1da774aThe brief version is very similar, however instead of rendering any of the field values, it just renders a list of the field names as part of the list information table.


These templates are currently configured for a BaseViewID of 1 and a ListTemplateType of 100, so if you need to use these for any lists other than Custom lists, be prepared to change them to the correct ListTemplateID (You can find these listed here..)

Both of these are available now in the #SPCSR repository and I very much hope that you will find them useful.


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