Office 365 SharePoint online provisioning issue

I hit an issue with the SharePoint online provisioning process while creating a new trial tenant for a client yesterday. The creation of everything seemed to go ok and the service help page in the new Office 365 tenancy admin page reported everything as provisioned completely.

Unfortunately, when I went to check Onedrive and the SharePoint admin pages, the Onedrive link was greyed out and the SharePoint admin link was missing completely.

SharePoint online provisioning issues

After a short trawl around the internet I found a few people who had hit a similar issue and needed intervention by the Office 365 support team. Sure enough after a short call to the support desk, my issue was escalated to the back end team and resolved a couple of hours later.

[important]Make sure you allow sufficient time for the provisioning to complete. One of the notes from an MSFT I saw on a communityOffice365 post was to allow 4 hours before raising a ticket.[/important]

[notice]After a little bit of chatter with friends in the SharePoint community, it looks like this is a very recent issue which first reared it’s head around May 3rd, so hopefully a hotfix will hit the environments soon.[/notice]


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