Announcing #SPCSR – A community project

it all started with a very innocent tweet and a picture of me working propped on my suitcase in a train waiting room on the way home from SharePoint Saturday Belgium.


Marc Anderson quickly replied, giving voice to what a few of us have been contemplating for sometime… and others swiftly followed!


And thus #SPCSR was born, a community driven source of Client Side Rendering assets for use by the community. It’s very early on at the moment and I really hope this gains a lot of traction as there is a lot of great content out there that could be shared between SharePoint professionals to help deliver a consistent and good quality resource for all kinds of Client Side Rendering customisations.SPCSR

The current main admins are myself, Marc D Anderson, Elio Struyf and Mikael Svenson however I would greatly encourage anyone with experience in the new CSR implementation to please get involved and help make this an awesome resource for the community.

At present, all code is supplied under the GPL V2 license and is without warranty. This is a community effort and whilst the code supplied has generally been used by the authors in the past, this is no guarantee that the code is fit for production use without further testing within your own environments. We encourage you to take these Display Templates and to mould them into what you need in your own farm or tenancy. And if you do something amazing with them and want to share them back, then please contact me for more details!

[important]EDIT – 3rd May 2014 – After some discussions, we’ve decided to switch the license to the MIT model which is much more open than the GPL version.[/important]

There’s a small team of authors getting the initial content out there, but I’d welcome anyone who has an interest in Display Templates or other Client Side Rending artefacts that we can look at sharing. I’d especially welcome anyone who wants to look at producing some nice custom graphic refiners.

To get us started, I’ve placed some of the base display templates that I use in my List View Display Templates sessions at community events, including my latest Debug template which I decided to bring up to date after being inspired by Elio’s excellent Search Debug template.

I’m in the process of writing up a blog on how this template works, but in the mean time, you can always head over to and take a look.


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