Moving on…swiftly..

Well I finally managed to persuade the boss to send me on a SharePoint 2007 admin course, So Sunday evening I’m off up to the Combined Knowledge residential course for a week of total immersion into MOSS2007. Finally I’ll be able to get some confirmation of the thoughts and dreams I’ve had for SharePoint but not really played with.

In addition, I’ve now got two spanking new DL380 servers ready to play the roles of SQL Master and the Search and indexing server. I contemplating putting the Admin website onto the search and indexing server too. not sure what impact that might have on a CorasWorks license thought if we go down that route as the Search and Indexing server should be a WFE as well.

The WFE is currently planned to go on a VMWare virtual host, so it might be that we’ll have to put the indexing service on that one and gear it up to only run in the whee small hours.. Guess thats a question I’ll have to pass to CorasWorks..

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