Time to focus..

Well MOSS 2007 is now starting to make headway, We’ve received the medias and I’ve now got to freshly built physical boxes to put the SQl database and the Search and indexing platforms on. We’re going to put the Web front endonto a virtual server, this will enable us to scale the solution up, rather than out to take into account a third party licensing issue.

On the subject of Third parties, I went to see CorasWorks last week to look at an end to end development package for SharePoint. This package basically replaces the need to develop an awful lot of your own code, allowing you to put tree navigation and drop down tab menus onto any SharePoint site with no coding at all. The benefits? Cross site functionality in either a tiered or Matrix design.. something that is not available with native SharePoint functionality. And not a drop of .Net coding in sight!!

Take a look for yourself, www.corasworks.net

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