SQL 2005 Std Installation

10 hours down the road and we now have a SQL 2005 installation. I’m not sure if I missed something during the install (and I did it twice after the tempDB issues (see below)) but I couldn’t find where to set the default Database and Logfile locations during install. (Should I have used the command line perhaps?)

Anyway, after install, I then proceeded to follow the Microsoft KB article on moving the Master, Model, MSDB and TempDB databases. And here is the important hint, make sure you read a KB article all the way through before beginning to implement it. I didn’t and happily sailed through the article detaching and reattaching the databases right up until the TempDB which happily detaches, but won’t re-attach. And then your SQL install is quite frankly screwed. All that is required is restoring the MasterDB and you’re well away. I however have only just installed this server and thus don’t have a backup yet!!

Back to the second install!

This time the move went smoothly and I now have the following configuration.

C: and D: on a pair of 36Gb drives housing OS and SQL binaries plus page file.
F: on 3 * 72Gb drives in a Raid 5 housing the Database files.
G: on 2 * 72Gb drives in a Raid 1+0 housing the Log files.

For more information on moving the database and logfiles see:-

How to move SQL Server databases to a new location by using detach and attache functions

The next step today was the configuration of a Maintenance plan, but this wasn’t exactly free of problems as I hit the “GUID should be 32 characters with 4 dashes” error which is apparently a known issue. I’m loading SP2 now and we’ll see if they did managed to fix it in time!

#EDIT# Turns out they did fix it in time!

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