All change when creating an Office 365 Subscription

It’s been a while since I set-up an Office 365 subscription, well in actual fact it hasn’t been that long, but the boys and girls in the O365 product team have been busy for sure.

I’m in the process of prepping my sessions to deliver at the 2015 SharePoint Evolutions conference in April. (Wait, what you haven’t booked your tickets yet? Why the hell not?.. ), While I was prepping the recorded demos, I fired up a new trial of O365 to record in a clean environment and I was somewhat taken aback by the dashboard in the admin interface…


Where’s my SharePoint and Exchange subscriptions… Ah hang on, we have the new app launcher… Let’s check there.


Ah yes, there’s those other services, all currently in the process of being configured. Sure enough, refreshing from time to time sees the services slowly being populated on the dashboard.

So if you’re create an Office 365 subscription afresh and wondering where your services are, Check the app launcher and just be patient!


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