The demos are safe!

After tracing the source of my hardware failure at SharePoint Saturday UK, I found it wasn’t the SSD after all! (Chris O’Brien you’re forgiven!)

As a result I’ve been able to recover all of the Display Template demos and scripts which are available for you to download here:-

Display Templates for IT Pros – The Scripts and assets.

All of the graphics assets, scripts, css and a couple of the list templates are available in this ZIP file. As ever, please don’t use in production environments without testing as these have been written for demonstration purposes only!

As promised, I’ve recorded my first ever screencast which i present to you now! I hope you enjoy the demos that you missed out on at SPSUK!


DisplayTemplatesForITPros-TheDemos from Paul Hunt on Vimeo.

EDIT: For those of you that have issues with Vimeo, you can download the webcast straight from dropbox! Display Templates for IT Pros – The Demos

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