All Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since my last post at the end of May, my SharePoint immersion has tailed off heavily due to urgent server builds that had to meet heavy deadlines. The upshot of this is I’ve hardly touched any code this month. That coupled with a week in Gran Canaria has meant a very lean SharePoint month for me and I’ve actually missed it. Today is the first day in a whole month that i’ve actually had VS2005 open and done some coding.

This situation is unfortunatly a hazard of working in a role that requires SharePoint to be a very secondary part of my role and it’s also one of the key reasons that I handed my notice in this morning much to my Boss’s dismay.

I recently interviewed for a Developer role in a London based company focusing primarily on SharePoint and I’m very pleased to say that I landed the post, So as of the start of August you can expect to see a lot more posts from me both here and in the SUGUK forums and maybe even a white paper or two?.. who knows.. The world is my crustacean!


  1. Look forward to your posts…and should that not be mollusc rather than crustacean ;o)

  2. Haha..yes you’re dead right, the Osyter is a member of the mollusc family!! I hated Biology in school!

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