Time for a state machine?

The library summary webpart that I’ve been working on over the last week is now at a point where I can put it in front of the UAT board and show them the different flavours. Flexibility was the key with this part as I wanted to avoid having to keep re-writing webparts for each different team.

I’ve used personalisation menus quite heavily with this one and it’s working quite nicely, even if some of the logic within the code has to be quite convoluted.

Anyways, the UAT meeting isn’t until this afternoon, so yesterday I decided to take a look at a state machine workflow.

I found a fairly good walkthrough on the net that seems to cover the ground quite nicely, available here:- Matt Morse – State Machine

I’m adapting the basic walkthrough to meet my requirements, Hopefully I’ve built up enough knowledge on the workflows to get this working without doing a sandbox first, but we’ll see.

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