Building servers?

I’ve been somewhat remiss recently with updating the blog, so those of you looking forward to another installment of Workflow issues and resolutions are I’m afraid out of luck this week.. The workload here at the normal place of work has gone sky high as our various clients tried to beat the end of the financial year.

The last week or so has seen me returning to my previous duties of building physical and virtual servers for various clients, and more importantly, actually becoming a user of the system that I’ve spent the last 9 months building.

And this is quite key, I would suggest that any of you writing such a system, should definately walk a mile in the users shoes.. it gives you an interesting perspective on the system that you thought you were familiar with. As a result of this, I’ve come up with a couple of screen improvements that should make our users lives just a little bit easier.. I’ll be building these next week, right now, I have to go and finish unpacking 250 HP disk boxes ready to install into the 57 servers we’ve just installed in the racks today.

We’ve filled 7 recycling bins with corrugated cardboard, and probably have enough for another 7.. Does each individual disk really need this much packaging?


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