Time flies!

Good lord, Xmas is upon us almost and I’ve not posted in nearly a month. Slacking on my part! but it has been a busy month, the workflow project has been live for sometime now, and as ever there have been a few bugs creeping in that need to be solved. Phase 2 is due to be launched next week and I’m still doing the re-writes and testing the code in the dev environment at the moment. Due to some scope creep, there are some extra requirements that need to be in place. Some tweeking is still needed on these tho!

And during the downtime? Well my Hot Water cylinder sprung a leak at the weekend, The quote form a plumber to replace it… £575+vat!!!! it’s only 6 years old too!.. very annoying to say the least..

The answer, Wickes 36*18 Copper tank, £179.00 and me doing the fitting.. Not for the faint hearted though if you’re shy of plumbing!!


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