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SP1 for SharePoint 2010 available now.

Today sees the release of SP1 for SharePoint 2010. I haven’t read all the patch notes yet, but I understand there are some changes to UPS that should make implementing the Profile Sync a lot smoother.

Well it was a Thursday afterall!!

Ok, yesterday was not my best day.. There’s a reason that I switched from ITPro to Dev.. Dev’s shouldn’t do installations as they forget the important logging in as the Site Collection Admin into Central Administration, and not the Farm Admin.. Logged in properly this morning and hey presto, there’s my create or extend …

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WSS3 on Wind2K8 with SQL2K8 – Part 1

Ok, so today saw me startto build my development environment for those clients that have switched to Windows 2008 and SQL 2008. All told, I have to say the install for both products is pretty slick, I think for Win2K8 I probably clicked about 6-7 times before I had a fully working server installed and …

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SUGUK London Meeting.

Well last night saw what was possibly the busiest August SUGUK meeting i’ve ever seen, so much so that they ran out of Pizza!! (Nick, this is a crime that can never be repeated!!!) Two very good sessions, the first by Eric ( Shupps (I think I spelled that right..) and the second from our …

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Dropdown option lists in webpart personalisation menus

I’ve been writing my own SharePoint webparts for a few months now and have been quite happy using personalisation options to provide a certain degree of control during runtime from the Edit Shared Webpart properties menu. All of these controls have either been using a text box entry or a tick box boolean, Until now …

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SQL Reporting Services. Installing BIDS as an afterthought!

I hit a slight problem with the SQL install on the dev box today. When I first installed SQL, I included a lot of the workstation tools, but I didn’t include the tools required for designing reports in VS 2005. In addition, since I did the install, I’ve put SP2 on the server. So now, …

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Workflow design in Visual Studio 2005

Well that was an interesting few hours this afternoon following Nick’s article on creating workflow within Visual Studio 2005 for SharePoint. I got as far as creating all the InfoPath structures, and then when I went to edit the workflow.cs in Workflow Designer, I was faced with a Class Script and Nick had a pretty …

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Configuring Central Administration to use SSL

During the installation process, there isn’t an option to select SSL for your Central administration pages. I would however advocate that even if you’re main SharePoint site isn’t going to use SSL, then your Admin pages should. There’s a very good Microsoft article on this subject and this can be found here. The basic process …

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Kerberos.. The 3 headed nightmare!

10 hours!!!… Thats how long it took me to resolve a Kerberos issue. It all started with finishing the installation of MOSS 2007 and then running the SharePoint Configuration wizard. No major problems with this, I entered the SQL Server information, changed the default configuration database name and added the Service credentials. Click next, and …

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SQL installations..

Well I didn’t find a ton of information last night on SQL 2005 installations, but I did find an interesting WhitePaper on the Microsoft site that looks at Physical DataBase Storage design, which really did cover a lot of what information I was looking for. Click here for the Physical Database Storage Design Whitepaper Some …

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