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SharePoint Personal Sites for users from a Trusted Domain

Whilst working on a small piece for a client to allow their users to create personal sites, I encountered an interesting error with a fairly simple and understandable fix. But i wasted around an hour before I twigged what the issue was, so I figured it’s worth documenting here! For this client, the SharePoint server …

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Nickname search in SharePoint 2013

NOTE: This info applies to the SharePoint Standard 2013 BETA and as such is subject to change between now and RTM! Do not rely on this information as being gospel until confirmed at release! After posting my Nickname post this morning, I wondered what was happening with this in SharePoint 2013. As I just so …

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Kerberos, web services and getting married!

No, not me… I’ve been happily married for 19 years.. it’ll be 20 while I’m at the SharePoint Conference too, but that’s another story.. watch this space for more details on that one.. The marriage part in this post is something that has been the bane of SharePoint admins for a long time, and that …

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SP1 for SharePoint 2010 available now.

Today sees the release of SP1 for SharePoint 2010. I haven’t read all the patch notes yet, but I understand there are some changes to UPS that should make implementing the Profile Sync a lot smoother.

End of the year already?

Wow.. Christmas really came and went.. My last post was back in november when I had just returned from Gran Canaria after a nice relaxing week in the sun. After that short interlude, I had my first speaking engagement at a company seminar in front of 100 delegates. I was incredibly nervous and got a …

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