Category: Troubleshooting

Metadata Tag Refiners not displaying in SharePoint 2013 Search Results

While working with a colleague on some search issues in office 365, we noticed something that seems to be a marked departure from SharePoint 2010 and the behaviours around documents tagged with Managed Metadata. In SharePoint 2010, the default search experience was to display a Tags or Keywords refiner in the refinement panel whenever a …

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Sorry, something went wrong–SP2013 and Development VMs

I tend to run around with a laptop that contains a whole bunch of Virtual Machines for my SharePoint work. The latest bunch are running the SharePoint 2013 Beta release which really doesn’t seem to take too kindly to having the VM’s suspended on a regular basis. The problem seems to lie with the security …

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SP1 for SharePoint 2010 available now.

Today sees the release of SP1 for SharePoint 2010. I haven’t read all the patch notes yet, but I understand there are some changes to UPS that should make implementing the Profile Sync a lot smoother.

Task alerts not firing in new site from Content Migration.

Whilst working with a client recently we decided to use the Content Migration system within SharePoint to allow us to create a template site that could then be used as the source for the 88 sites that needed to be created for each of the areas of interest. Each site had identical set-up with regards …

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Weekly Access problems to a SharePoint site

Just recently a client of mine raised an issue regarding an access issue that seemed to raise it’s head about every 8 days or so. What struck me was the distinct lack of errors issues by the system. Approximately every 8 days, users will go to use the site and get a failed to connect …

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Overriding Core.JS functions

A client of mine recently required adding an additional E-Mail link adding to the Item Drop Down menu that drops off of the ECB menu within Document Libraries and Lists. Now this functionality is provided by the function AddSendSubMenu(m,ctx) within Core.JS. Editing this file is NOT SUPPORTED (You all know this by now I’m sure!). …

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Handy logging info..

I have an issue when it comes to debugging if a problem hits on the live environment. For some reason I cannot get the debugger to attach.. As a temporary solution, I made use of a technique pointed out by Clin Byrne on the SUGUK forums that makes use of the MICROSOFT.OFFICE.SERVER.DIAGNOSTICS namespace, and more …

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