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Dec 16

SharePoint–Outbound Hybrid Search and web proxies

I’m currently working with a client to implement hybrid search between their on-premises environment and Office 365. This is generally done in two stages, with the outbound (usually the simplest) being done first by following this technet article (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/dn607305.aspx) Unfortunately simple was not the case in this instance and when we went to create the …

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Mar 25

Metadata Tag Refiners not displaying in SharePoint 2013 Search Results

While working with a colleague on some search issues in office 365, we noticed something that seems to be a marked departure from SharePoint 2010 and the behaviours around documents tagged with Managed Metadata. In SharePoint 2010, the default search experience was to display a Tags or Keywords refiner in the refinement panel whenever a …

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Sep 02

ListView Web Part issues with JSLink and Display Templates – A solution?

Back at the start of August, I posted about the issues you might find using the JSLink Display Template when rendering multiple list instances on a page that all inherit from the Custom List Template. If you’re not sure what the issue is, Have a read of that post first, then come back here. The …

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May 31

Office 365 SharePoint Online Licensing Issues

Caveat Emptor – office 365 Licensing Note: This article was written at the end of May 2013. If you are reading this anytime in the future, please make note of this as Office 365 licensing and feature availability is subject to change at Microsoft’s whim. If the Service Descriptions have changed then this information may …

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Apr 07

WCM – Image Renditions in SharePoint 2013

Introducing Image Renditions In SharePoint 2013. One of the great improvements in SharePoint 2013 is the introduction of Image Renditions. This feature allows content editors to upload images that are then automatically re-sized according to pre-defined rules for use within the website. These re-sized images can then be used in document roll-ups and pages, reducing …

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Mar 16

How to achieve a Mega Menu using out of the box navigation in SharePoint 2013 and jQuery.

I was looking at some requirements from a client for their new SharePoint 2013 Intranet, and one that caught my eye was desire to have Feature images on the top navigation. The requirement was to have a dynamic top navigation, controlled using the SharePoint out of the box navigation settings, but have the ability to …

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Dec 09

SharePoint Saturday UK 2012–Roundup

With the appearance of December on the calendars, also saw the return of SharePoint Saturday UK for another year. As professionally run as always, the Id-Live/Lightning Tools team and their sponsors did a smashing job of organising and running the event. For me it was extra special as it was my first time presenting at …

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Dec 01

Automagic Managed Properties in SharePoint 2013 search.

The ability to map crawled properties to Managed Properties in SharePoint search has been around for a long time, This enabled you to take those custom fields you created in your content types, and make use of them in your search results XSLT rendering.The big change in SharePoint 2013 is that this can happen automatically …

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Sep 19

Taming the Noderunner process in SharePoint 2013 search.

An MS employee posted an update regarding the Noderunner search process in SharePoint 2013 and the current issues it has regarding leaving memory. http://blogs.technet.com/b/mpriem/archive/2012/09/05/sharepoint-2013-preview-hungry-search-service.aspx The technique of limiting the Noderunner.exe.config file with a setting in the memoryLimitMegabytes works really well.. Too well in fact if you’re trying to reconfigure your search topology in PowerShell. When …

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Sep 05

I love the look of in-place searching in SP2013

DISCLAIMER: This post is based on the Beta version of SP2013 and all information is subject to change One of the first things that you may notice in SharePoint 2013 is that search is EVERYWHERE! Nowhere is this more obvious than when you click into a document library to see the new style drag & …

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