Configuring Central Administration to use SSL

During the installation process, there isn’t an option to select SSL for your Central administration pages. I would however advocate that even if you’re main SharePoint site isn’t going to use SSL, then your Admin pages should.

There’s a very good Microsoft article on this subject and this can be found here.

The basic process is as follows:-

  • Create a certificate in IIS for the Central Administrator website. (Note: For speed of connection, you should ensure that you either use an external Certificate service, or if Self certifying, ensure that any clients will be able to access the Root Certifcates on the certificate server. Otherwise, the first connection each day will take around 30-40 seconds to connect.)
  • Next, configure SSL to require SSL by editing the certificate you have applied and select Require Secure Channel (SSL) check box.
  • Finally, inform SharePoint to use SSL with a command line STSADM command:- stsadm.exe -o setadminport -ssl -port 443
  • You should now be able to connect to Central Administration via an SSL channel.

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