WSS3 on Wind2K8 with SQL2K8 – Part 1

Ok, so today saw me startto build my development environment for those clients that have switched to Windows 2008 and SQL 2008.

All told, I have to say the install for both products is pretty slick, I think for Win2K8 I probably clicked about 6-7 times before I had a fully working server installed and running in the VM.

Installing SQL onto that was just as simple, I opted for Standard edition and installed only the Database engine.

So onto installing WSS itself. Microsoft have published some installation papers to fllow when installing onto Windows 2008, and I have to be honest I didn’t follow them for gospel..Afterall I’m a developer.. when do we RTFM? That’s right..when things go wrong..

Guess what.. It’s starting to go wrong..

SharePoint installed absolutley fine, no errors.. A few minutes later, the infrastructure update went on top… All fine, the configuration database updated happily..

Well this is all dandy.. Up pops Central admin, so I figure I’ll create a quick Web Application and check that I can browse from my desktop to the VM to see that IIS/Win2K8 security is all happy.

Hmm.. Hang on.. where on earth is the option to “Create or Extend a web application”..? It’s just not there.. Todd Klindt suggested to me on Twitter to make sure that I’ve used the Admin Tools option, rather than just browsing, which I tried as well.. The Bamboo community forums suggest running Internet Explorer as administrator.. I did that too..

But at the moment, nothing seems to work.. I’m going to try that old faithful now.. A reboot!


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