SQL Reporting Services. Installing BIDS as an afterthought!

I hit a slight problem with the SQL install on the dev box today. When I first installed SQL, I included a lot of the workstation tools, but I didn’t include the tools required for designing reports in VS 2005.

In addition, since I did the install, I’ve put SP2 on the server. So now, when I try to introduce BIDS onto the system, I get an error stating that it’s the wrong version and I need to use Control Panel, Add/remove programs and then Change the existing SQL2005 install.

Well, I tried this and guess what, I hit the same error as trying to install from the CD. After a quick trawl around the forums, I found the solution, When you go into Change the existing, You must make sure you select only the workstation tools to amend. Add BIDS through the checklist and Bingo.. BIDS installs quite happily, and the tools are now available in VS2005.


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